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Anyone who has engaged a professional to do a service in any business has experienced frustration finding out later that the person they hired did not truly complete the task. When you hire our firm to work on your case, I will personally handle it and serve as your main point of contact for the course of the case. Brownfield Dufour PLLC has extensive legal experience from Pikeville to Paducah and many other locations, and I am authorized to practice law across the whole state of Kentucky. Most importantly, I only accept a certain number of cases so that I can reserve all my time for each client. After all, we are dealing with a severe issue that occasionally affects people’s lives.

Many of these mishaps are the consequence of carelessness. With this in mind,  you may feel at ease knowing that we will be by your side throughout the legal procedure when you engage with one of our attorneys. Thus, we are committed to protecting your rights; we also work to educate you about your particular scenario so you may decide what is best for you and your family. Additionally, we are aware that this may be a difficult moment for you, regardless of the legal situation you are dealing with. You may concentrate on getting well and returning to your life by recovering these damages with a personal injury attorney.

Our firm also handles criminal defense, commercial law, and personal injury cases. We think that many people forget that they are innocent until proven guilty when they are charged with a crime or arrested. We are here to safeguard you and your business for years to come, whether you need advice on what kind of business you should establish or need a helping hand to resolve a conflict.

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