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Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers


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Jeffrey Glassman Injury Lawyers is widely regarded as a Boston Personal Injury Law pioneer. We are proud of our accomplishments, and we are always obtainable to our clients. They understand that their phone calls will be returned the same day or within 24 hours. They know they can rely on us to provide meticulous, up-to-date status updates on their case and an accurate picture of what to expect in the coming weeks or months.

We are unyielding about not settling a lawsuit for less than its full and fair value. While many firms have a high turnover rate due to seizing every claim and swiftly settling them out of court, we have continuously demonstrated our skill and resolve to secure the most excellent value for every client because that is what they deserve. We are ready and willing to go to trial if required.

Our firm has obtained millions of dollars for plaintiffs through bench trials, jury verdicts, arbitration awards, mediation resolutions, and settlement agreements. In many circumstances, we retain highly competent expert witnesses. We occasionally collaborate with other law firms specializing in particular areas to get the best possible results for each case.

Despite the circumstances of your accident, it is vital that you retain a knowledgeable and vigorous accident attorney to advocate for your claims and ensure you obtain the maximum compensation under the law for any accident. If you or a loved one find themselves in this situation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Accordingly, we will investigate the facts of your case. Our injury lawyers will answer your questions and perform a thorough investigation to identify all parties who may be held liable for your injuries and determine the value of your case. We will advise you on achieving the compensation and justice you deserve.

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