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Joe Gamez has served San Antonio, Texas, for over 40 years as a county attorney and former state representative. The firm is committed to supporting neighbors in navigating life’s most challenging obstacles. Attorney Joe Gamez established the Gamez Law Firm in 1973, beginning the firm’s existence. Furthermore, the attorneys have years of expertise in assisting accident victims in obtaining the money they need and deserve in compensation.

A personal injury case has the power to alter your life drastically. All of a sudden, everything is more challenging. You might require more than just excellent legal counsel in this circumstance. Moreover, the company is concerned with improving your quality of life. We’ll see that your other needs are taken care of, help you find a physician, and help you get a rental car. Thus, they have years of experience working with accident victims to get them the compensation they deserve and need. Regardless of the situation, they take satisfaction in being unyielding supporters of the clients. As a result, we are aware of how challenging the aftermath of a car accident may be because we have personal experience with it. They are also mindful of how crucial it is to have a support system when insurance companies fail to act in your best interest.

Accidents can occur under various circumstances, but in Texas, it’s possible that driving the wrong way is more likely to result in one. According to statistics, Texas may have a higher rate of wrong-way crashes than other states. Thus, a wrong-way collision can inflict severe damage even at moderate speeds. Therefore, if you or a loved one were in a vehicle, truck, or other accident in San Antonio or the nearby Texas communities, contact the Joe A. Gamez Law Firm if you are considering calling a lawyer.

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