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It might be frightening to be involved in an automobile accident in or around Florida. Our accident attorneys excel at obtaining settlements for your claim because they focus solely on injury cases following motor vehicle or auto accidents. Hence, if insurance adjusters are attempting to get you to sign a release when dealing with bodily and psychological losses, get in touch with us immediately. Before you mark away your right to sue, our skilled attorneys will do all in their power to properly examine your claim and develop a strategy to recover the most amount of money possible for you. Accordingly, you might be entitled to any number of insurance coverages.

The Law Office of Logan T. Lawrence is a reputable local firm with a regional office close to you. Thus, we stand in for people like you who have suffered a devastating accident, usually due to another party’s carelessness. Our firm has a team of automobile accident attorneys with years of combined expertise. In contrast to other personal injury law companies, our firm does not accept every case that reaches through the door. Thus, we only handle cases involving automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and bicycles. Therefore, you can be confident that if you are engaged in a car accident case in Florida, we know precisely how to handle it to get the most for you. In addition, we understand how insurance companies perform and how to approach your case to achieve the highest settlement. Thus, we will work to your benefit by being aware of the strategies and resources they try to employ against a person involved in a car accident.

The intricacy of the case is relevant to us. If you were hurt in a severe auto accident, call the Law Office of Logan T. Lawrence right away.

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