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Attorney Karen Swanton, a member of our legal team, has more than thirty years of experience managing workers’ compensation matters. Karen Swanton spent many years representing insurance companies in legal disputes; she now uses this knowledge to increase your workers’ compensation settlement. Karen is renowned for being a top trial lawyer who, if the issue cannot be resolved amicably, will take it to trial and make the insurance provider accountable for your Workers’ Compensation Benefits. We are prepared to assist. For decades, our legal team has represented wounded workers. In 2003, founding attorney Ross K. Menk started working as an insurance defense lawyer. In 2008, he established his own company, primarily representing wounded workers.

Richard Lund, a former workers’ compensation judge who brings decades of experience to the Law Firm, is also a member of our legal team. To increase your workers’ compensation settlement, Rick draws on his prior insurance defense skills and experience as a Minnesota workers’ compensation judge. Attorney Rick Lund is regarded highly by the workers’ compensation bar and has tried hundreds of cases. Since 2003, when he started his profession as an Insurance Defense Attorney, founder attorney Ross Menk has been managing workers’ compensation cases.

At our firm, we can work to make sure you get a fair and complete settlement. You may count on Menk & Menk for top-notch legal assistance from our knowledgeable, personable, honest, and hardworking attorneys in incredibly affordable solutions for all disputes. We know dog attacks, car accidents, bicycle accidents, and the occasional slip and fall. We have seen and dealt with a wide range of personal injury claim-related issues, and we will consider the particulars of each case. Accordingly, as your legal representation, we are prepared to meet your needs if you cannot leave your house or require special accommodations.

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