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The Denver personal injury attorneys on our team have experience working in big law firms where we were needed to manage a significant volume of damage cases. And, even though we could assist many of our clients in obtaining justice, it became evident that no single lawyer, regardless of how excellent their legal abilities, could give each client the time and attention they required. Thus, at The Fang Law Firm, our Denver personal injury attorneys can provide continuing and individualized legal services because we only accept a select number of cases at any given time.

We later founded a law firm that was centered around offering a far better customer experience. The Fang Law Firm only accepts a selected number of cases, enabling our Denver injury lawyers to provide stable, tailored legal assistance. Accordingly, we are not a typical personal injury law practice, nor are we one of the big, faceless law firms you see promoted on television. Hence, we are a cluster of skilled litigators who give each client we represent devoted individual attention.

When you decide to work with our competent team, you don’t pay any legal fees until we settle your case or win it since we work on a contingency fee basis. Additionally, our legal team has fought over 10,000 cases in total and has over ten years of experience in personal injury litigation. Above all, we do not use paralegals or legal assistants to represent our clients. Our lawyers will give you their full attention while they handle your case personally. At any rate, we keep a clear line of communication open with our customers and are available whenever they have questions or issues. The Fang Law Firm is committed to returning your call within Twenty-four hours as part of our phone call guarantee policy

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