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Gabriel Levin, Esquire, started The Levin Firm in 2005. The attorneys at The Levin Firm identify as trial lawyers; they are passionate, enthusiastic, and aggressive in their defense of their clients and are prepared to present every case to a jury in the hopes of obtaining justice. The firm takes great pleasure in offering individualized service and superior legal representation. The Levin Firm is aware that earning the confidence of our clients as well as the judges and jury we appear before is essential to our success. The company is renowned for its meticulous planning and attention to detail. When a client’s freedom is at stake, or a jury deliberates on how to proceed, this commitment to perfection might be necessary.

Every personal injury case is unique. The particular legal problems in your case will rely on various elements, including the kind of accident that happened, the nature and extent of your injuries, and the damages you sustained as a result. The Levin Firm’s Philadelphia personal injury lawyers handle a wide variety of cases involving numerous different kinds of accidents and injuries. As a result, you should be reassured about how you’ll manage your finances and the administrative and legal responsibilities a car accident has put on your shoulders. Hence, our first objective is to shoulder that burden for you. We deal with insurance adjusters and the legal system for our Philadelphia auto accident victims and their families.

Our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys at The Levin Firm want to be the first and last people you ever need to contact after an accident. Thus, we can handle your case since we have the expertise and resources necessary. We have a history of obtaining multi-million dollar settlements and verdicts for our injured clients who were involved in vehicle accidents in Philadelphia.

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