Alex Becker – Air Force Fireman To Multi-Millionaire

While he is not selling EZ-money bid’niz, he is selling ad tracking software that will help you track your ads. While Becker’s company has a good reputation, the slick sales presentations that he started off using have, for some, left an air of a shady character.

Alex Becker
Alex Becker - Air Force Fireman To Multi-Millionaire 6

In his YouTube bio, he touts himself as a tech entrepreneur and nutritionist who has multiple companies with capital in the six and seven figures. His videos are a great example of the skills needed to make money on YouTube.

Before he became a renowned Internet marketer, Alex served in the Air Force. Later, he founded the SEO software company Source Wave, which generates around $4 million in revenue yearly. His efforts with the software company have helped him earn millions of dollars despite being relatively young. His net worth has soared over the past couple of years. He has been a prolific YouTube video creator, author, and speaker.

In the last decade, Alex Becker has become a multimillionaire Internet entrepreneur. He started as a one-man operation with a modest budget and grew it into a thriving business. After that, he sold his SEO freelancer marketplace and created Market Hero. His aims are still big. As of today, his net worth is estimated to be $15 million. He makes between $10,000 and $60,000 a day and spends his money on luxury items.

He has developed a very unique style of his own as can clearly be seen here in his video on why people fail to make a success of a business:

Alex Becker
Alex Becker - Air Force Fireman To Multi-Millionaire 7

If you understand his point about the importance of focus and working on one thing at a time, you will have a head start over many others. This is a good example of his unique no “bullsh*t” style.

Alex has moved on from the early days where you got the impression he could sell sand to the Arabs or ice to the Eskimos, such was his smooth sales pitch.


HYROS, Alex Becker’s company, is an ad tracking SaaS, that is now highly thought of within the market.

HYROS is a digital marketing platform. This platform has a unique and impressive business model. It is claimed to be the only company in the world that provides top-tier sales tracking, attribution, and analytics. Because of its unique and powerful combination of features, it is the perfect tool for influencer businesses and influencer marketers.

Hyros is a blockchain-based marketing platform that helps companies to build info product funnels and automate marketing. While the pricing is flexible, it’s not readily apparent how much the company charges for its services.

Who Is Alex Becker?

Alex Becker
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Alex Becker has become a serial entrepreneur with a string of successful companies to his name. He has also written a very well-received and best-selling book “The Ten Pillars of Wealth”.

He has always been a prolific video creator and his YouTube channel is exceptionally popular with over 1.2 million followers. His videos have a certain style to them; he is very blunt and often controversial but always entertaining.

Because of his slick sales skills when presenting, he has often been tarred with a negative air. He has moved away from the slick sales presentations and ostentatious shows of wealth associated with his early days, but for some, the stigma still lingers.

My suggestion would be to listen for the pearls of wisdom that are undoubtedly there and judge for yourself on what you find.

Alex Becker On SEO

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization as I am sure most of you know. It is all about how to rank your website at the top of the search engines.

The more competitive the niche the harder it is to rank at the of the search engine results.

Alex Becker
Alex Becker - Air Force Fireman To Multi-Millionaire 9

Alex Becker started off by ranking his websites well in the search engines. He developed systems that worked and had the good sense to team up with other talented SEO’ers.

He was thus able to rank his blog Source Wave, which sold SEO services and associated software packages, while at the same time teaching people all about how to carry out their own SEO themselves.

Eventually rebranded as Konker and sold in 2019, it’s still an SEO marketplace not dissimilar to Fiverr but specializing in SEO services.

Alex Becker then moved into the email marketing arena when he created Market Hero, a software platform (this later transformed into ad-tracking giant HYROS).

Never slow to spot an opportunity or trending theme, he next moved into drop-shipping products. Dropshipping is where someone sells a product but the products are shipped by a third party. This means that you don’t need to hold any expensive inventory yourself nor deal with shipping.

His main focus these days is running his ad tracking company HYROS which allows him to help people get a better return on their advertising spend and sell more successfully.

Whether he gets under your skin or inspires you to greater things, nobody can question his success as an entrepreneur. This guy has proven time and time again that he knows how to get results.

Alex Becker Net Worth

Alex Becker
Alex Becker - Air Force Fireman To Multi-Millionaire 10

The success of his businesses has also increased his personal net worth. His books have been published in over 20 countries, and his Instagram and YouTube account boast over 250k followers. With his own ad tracking software, Alex Becker is a true financial independence role model for anyone who is interested in creating a profitable online business. However, the product is not for everyone. It is not for everyone. While Becker’s products are great for people who are looking to make money, they may not be right for everyone.

While many YouTube stars are known for their entrepreneurial spirit and crypto-currency knowledge, their methods are often ineffective. Despite this, Alex Becker’s content has been viewed by more than a billion people. In addition, his YouTube channel has generated more than $5 million in revenue from affiliate marketing.

The 10 Pillars of Wealth

Written in 2016, this is his bestseller. He lays out his own ten commandments for entrepreneurial success, that offer a good framework for anyone to follow. He has the knack of getting a pint over in an entertaining and informative way and this book does exactly that.

1. Reject “Getting Rich Slowly”

• Working for someone else and making them rich is a mug’s game so grasp the torn and become an entrepreneur.

2. Separate Your Time from Your Money

• Passive income is the best way to use your time and automation where ever possible will help you leverage your time.

3. Accepting that You Must Be Better than Everyone Else

• It’s all in the mind so believe in yourself.

4. Every Little Thing is Your Fault

• Take responsibility for absolutely everything. The buck stops with you so don’t waste time looking for others to blame.

5. Adopting an Abundance Mindset

• Open your eyes and ears and recognize that have access to everything that you need to succeed.

6. Forgetting “What If” and Focusing on “What Is”

• Keep your focus on where you are going and work on improving any weaknesses that you uncover.

7. Mapping Out Actions that Achieve Big Goals

• Break everything down into small steps and you can achieve even the biggest goals.

8. Focusing Solely on What Gets You Paid

• Focus on activities that keep you moving forward towards your goals and what keeps the income rolling in.

9. People Give Money to People That Get People

• Sales & marketing are people skills so you need to understand and empathize with people.

10. Surround Yourself with Successful People

• Make sure you mix only with people that motivate you and have the same positive attitude.

Even though Alex’s pillars may have become cliches that every smart blogger repeats, it doesn’t stop them from being good rules to work by.

Don’t forget this isn’t some teacher preaching, this guy has done it many times over. He might just have something valuable to say that we should be listening to.


Love him or hate him, Alex Becker is nothing if not vanilla. He has his own way of doing things and not everybody is going to like it. But he has done far more in a few years than 99% of people get done in a lifetime.

And for that reason alone I urge you to listen to what Alex Becker has to say and then make your own mind up. Becker has a YouTube channel with over 500 thousand subscribers that contain a lot of useful information, why not do yourself a favor and check it out.

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