Garage Door Repairs – What You Need To Know

The garage door protects your home and all it’s precious valuables within. However, too often the garage door doesn’t get the attention it deserves from homeowners.

Garage door repairs
Garage Door Repairs - What You Need To Know 5

Some of the issues you would face with the garage door range from damaged remotes, broken chains and seals as well as power interruptions.

Some of the issues and how to fix them would include:

  • Bad remote battery- It’s an easy issue to fix. You can use an alternative battery that is functional, swap batteries or buy a new one.
  • Unsynced door remote- It’s possible for the garage door to unsync itself. In that case, you need to reprogram it. You can follow the remote manual.
  • Damaged door wall opener- The wall opener can have a broken switch or frayed wires. That causes them to lose power. They need to be fixed.

Garage Door Repair Cables

Garage door cables consist of wires which are wound together in a way to make strands. The strands are then wound together to create the cables.

Generally, the garage door cables are sturdy enough to move the garage door up and down and hold its weight when stationary.

It’s advisable to inspect the cables a minimum of once a year. If you notice any damages on the cables, you should replace them.

One common garage door failure is when the cables start to fray. In that case, the cables are starting to break. The cables are not as intact as they should be, and that is a sign that you need to fix or replace them. It’s very risky to have broken cables. They can be the reason a garage door goes sideways when you open it and can result in personal injury or damage to property.

Garage Door Repair DIY

Garage door repairs
Garage Door Repairs - What You Need To Know 6

Hinges, Nuts and Bolts If you have a clattering garage door, one DIY is to tighten any hardware that seems loose. The nuts, bolts and hinges can contract or even expand due to temperature changes. In that case, you would need to adjust them. All you need is to take your tools, make use of some elbow grease and tighten those loose bolts.

Lubrication Another easy DIY task is to lubricate the garage door. It’s a critical chore, to lubricate the door. When the garage door is moving up and down, the door creates a lot of friction. If your door lubrication is not enough, the door will open and shut with metal noises, squeaks, and squeals. That noise can be mind-numbing. Stopping the damage caused by this friction will give the door a longer lifespan too.

Garage Door Repair Near Me

There are basic tips that can help you find the best garage door repair experts near you.

Check reviews You will need a company with the required experience and also a good reputation. To get that near you, check for online reviews. Get three companies from your list and then gauge the best.

Check their license It’s important to work with a licensed company. You can check whether your area demands that a door garage repair personnel needs licensing. Check with your state or city licensing officer for these details.

Check their reputation A firm that excels in its work will be famous for it. A local company that has a great reputation will be easy to find. Ask the firm to give you client referrals, then compare that info with what you get from local reviews.

Garage Door Repair Panels

Garage door repairs
Garage Door Repairs - What You Need To Know 7

Garage doors are composed of panels that are hinged together. Sometimes the panels get damaged, but it’s possible to replace them.

It is cheaper to replace one panel instead of getting a whole door replaced. If you are a homeowner and on a budget, replacing the door panels often proves to be cheaper than replacing an entire door.

When your garage door suffers structural damage, replacing a panel can help a great deal. Replacing the panels can also be effective when you need to carry out cosmetic repair, for example when the paint has been scratched or discolored.

When you need to replace more than one panel, check the costs. Your panel repair expert will advise whether it’s cheaper to replace a whole door compared to replacing several panels.

Garage Door Repair Springs

There are different things that can happen to lead to a faulty garage door. However, matters involving the door spring are more serious.

The garage door spring is what holds the weight of the garage door, even as it allows it to lift up and down.

Using the right tools and following proper guidelines can allow one to fix their garage door springs without ending up in the emergency room. The springs are under a lot of tension and can be dangerous if not handled in the correct way. However, do not try a thing without the right skills and tools.

Make sure you have accurate garage door spring measurements. Take the length and the diameter. Next, measure the height and width of your garage door.

Start by clamping the garage door to the track. It keeps the door in place as you go about the repairs. Remember safety first!

How To Fix A Sagging Garage Door

A garage door that is sagging is trouble. This happens more with older garage doors, especially wooden ones that have not been serviced over the years.

Garage door repairs
Garage Door Repairs - What You Need To Know 8

You will need to square a saggy garage door. You can use a tension rod and position it right on the back of your door. The best way to place the tension rods is to have them in a diagonal position. Place them from the top to bottom corners.

To tighten them up, do that at a turnbuckle. It helps to straighten out your garage door. This should happen gradually, to allow your door to adjust to those changes. If the garage door does not have the needed tension rods, make plans and purchase at a local home center.

Garage Door Repair Adjustment

One of the most frustrating things is a misaligned garage door. It can jam so tight, locking you out of the garage. It’s even worse if you get locked in!

That is why it’s critical to keep checking your garage door alignment. If that door completely goes out of balance, it could end up falling, causing serious injuries.

To ensure that your garage door is always well aligned, there are things you can do. Keep an eye on the springs and cables. Ensure you do not have any jammed cables. You can get a professional for this if you are not sure what you are doing yourself.

Get a professional to check the track. If you find any worn-out or warped track, repair or replace them. See if you have any debris distracting the door movements.


Regular maintenance and servicing of your garage doors will detect any problems at an early stage. This will mean a cheaper fix rather than a more expensive replacement. This will also prevent any chance of injury and lock outs or lock ins. Get a professional Garage door repair service to check everything for you and save money in the long run.

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