Simple Car Detailing Tips You Should Know

Not a lot of people know about car detailing services. As long as their car is still operating properly, they won’t think too much about its appearance.

Car Detailing

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However, there are also people who put in lots of time and care to the appearance of their cars. They clean the inside and the outside and make sure that it’s properly maintained.

This is the reason why car detailing is very important. It protects the car inside and outside against damage and make sure that it will always look the best. If you’re thinking of doing the car detailing on your own, here are a few things that you need to do.

Car Detailing Tips

You don’t really need to search for “car detailing shops near me” if you have the necessary tools to perform car detailing yourself, but it will save you a lot of time and work to have everything done for you.

We listed down a few simple tips to help you get started on your own car detailing service:

1. Clean the Top of the Windows

Car Detailing USA
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When cleaning the window, make sure that you do it thoroughly. What we mean is that you need to clean even the top of the windows. The best thing to do is to wind it down at least half and clean the topmost part of the glass.

You should know that dirt and dust might build up at the top, which would cause problems while opening and closing the window.

2. Dry your Car Manually

You should never let your car air dry. Watermarks can appear at the surface of your car and they are very hard to remove. Some people will just let it dry, but don’t be lazy. Get a microfiber town or you can get a chamois to remove the water droplets from the surface.

Start from the top of the car and work your way down to the bottom to make sure that no dirty water will run down over somewhere you’ve just cleaned. Make sure that you thoroughly dry the whole car, even the hidden areas.

3. Remove Swirl Marks

Car Detailing USA
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You also need to know how to properly use car detailing products. If there are swirl marks on your car, the best product to use would be polish and not wax. Some people try to remove it by using wax, which is not really a good idea.

Swirl marks are fine scratches that usually appear on the surface of your car. It might be because of the cloth that you are using or because of a sponge that you used for cleaning.

Wax can only cover the swirl marks. It will stay there when the wax wears off. You should use polish and carefully handle the affected area.

4. Always Rinse Your Sponge Before And After Using It

One of the main reasons why swirl marks appear is because the sponge or the cloth that you’re using is very dirty. The dirt accumulated on the sponge might accidentally scratch the surface of your car, which would cause swirl marks.

Before you start cleaning, make sure that you clean the sponge. After cleaning the car, you should also clean it to prevent dirt or dust buildup.

5. Brush The Carpet

When you’re doing car detailing on the interior, getting your carpets clean can be a major task. Instead of using a vacuum in the interior, make sure that you bring a brush for the carpet. Although a vacuum might clean the carpet, it is not guaranteed that everything will be cleaned.

By brushing it thoroughly, you can make sure that even the dust and dirt that has already accumulated will be removed completely. However, don’t brush the other parts of your car as it might get scratched.

6. Invest In High-quality Car Detailing Equipment

Car Detailing USA
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This is a must if you plan to do the car detailing by yourself. Don’t buy products that are too cheap as they usually have the lowest quality. If you buy any equipment that is too cheap or the brand is unknown, they might get damaged in just a few uses. You don’t want to replace equipment after just a few uses so make sure that you only invest in high-quality items.

You need to choose wisely when it comes to a vacuum as it is a bit expensive compared to the other equipment. Use the best wax and polish as well so the exterior of your car will look clean and shiny at all times.

7. Deodorize Your Vents

You’ve been cleaning the inside and outside of your car, but what about the vents? You’ve probably used a wide range of air freshening products to bring a fresh and cool scent to your car, but it may also be a reason for the vents to get clogged by dirt and dust.

The best thing to do is to use a can of compressed air to provide a quick blast to your vents and remove the dirt and moisture accumulated inside. This will also remove the stale odor circulating inside the car. Doing this can help remove the bacteria inside the car as well.

8. Choose A Car Detailing Mobile

If you don’t have the time to do the car detailing on your own, the best thing to do is to just call for a car detailing mobile. This is the best type of service that you can get when it comes to car detailing.

If you are concerned about car detailing prices, this is an affordable and convenient choice as they would go directly to your house to do the car detailing service.

Imagine that you won’t have to bring your car to a car detailing service and you won’t have to wait a long time for the work to finish. Since the car will be handled in your house, you can just relax and do whatever you need to do until they’re done.


Car detailing is a very important maintenance task for your car. Whether you’re using it frequently or just leave it inside your garage, you need to make sure that your car is always clean and shiny. Save time and effort by bringing it to a car detailing service or you can do it yourself.

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