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William Jones, a Philippines-based SEO expert that has been in the marketing and SEO industry for over 20 years, is the founder of Rank Fortress Digital Agency.

Rank Fortress Digital Agency

Rank Fortress Digital Agency helps other businesses and agencies scale their Businesses and brands by offering white-labeled web design and SEO services. Rank Fortress Digital Agency is known as an SEO company that has been getting a lot Of positive reviews around the web over the past few years.

How Clients Rate William Jones Seo Course

Here’s what one client had to say: “I just want to give a shout out to William Jones from Rank Fortress for his SEO course that he has put out for us. When I first saw the course I had no idea who William was I’d been following the group for a number of weeks and thought oh yeah this guy might know something let’s see what he knows. You know for the ridiculous price that he put on it I thought why not sign up and let’s have a look. But now a number of weeks into that course and realizing this course is worth 10 maybe 15 times what William is asking for it, he’s supplied some very in-depth information, stuff that most people won’t give you.

William Jones - SEO Help & Guidance
William Jones - SEO Help & Guidance 5

I’ve been in this SEO space for over 10 years now I’ve learned from a number of top people and also learned stuff from a lot of crooks but I’ve got to say that William’s course has been absolutely spotting on so far every step of the way. He’s telling us things that most people keep secret so that we don’t beat them and outrank their clients. I find William is very down to earth, straightforward forward and tells it as it is and for that William thank you very much.”

When you speak to clients, a common theme is just how helpful and transparent William is. He doesn’t hold anything back and loves sharing golden nuggets that can transform your SEO performance.

The company is based in the Philippines and was created by William and his wife Rowena Jones. William has over 20 years of expertise in the SEO and marketing industry. He is dedicated to helping business owners attain what was previously thought impossible results.

The self-taught entrepreneur’s expertise is based on real-world outcomes and not on theories derived from what he says are the talk-show hosts, SEO experts, gurus of the SEO industry, or the armchair SEO magicians.

In describing his team as a family comprising of more than 60 highly competent SEO experts, the founder said that each person on his team was personally taught by him to be specialized in the specific areas that they were responsible for.

How William Jones SEO Course Differs From The Rest

In addition, businesses and companies who hire the agency’s assistance will receive top-quality services from experts who specialize in that specific project or task that the client requires. Other companies usually only have an average understanding of SEO in general and nothing specific or specialized to get anything more than average results.

William Jones offers various services which include GMB optimization, keyword research & content Silo development, Advanced YouTube SEO, Rank & Rent Partnership, Google Maps Booster, and non-voice Virtual Assistants.

William is a real master when it comes to GMB and/or local SEO. He offers a lot of free advice through his blog, Facebook Groups, and YouTube channel. So do yourself a favor and get signed up to his social properties.

William got started in SEO when a wealthy Web Design client asked him to rank the site in Google. William just dived in and learned as much as he could from all the information on the web. Totally self-taught as far as SEO is concerned, he went down the route of trying things for himself and only counting something as a successful method when it produced results for him.

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This means his path was a bit longer but everything he learned has stood him in good stead. Think foundations and building houses. Strong foundations allow you to build much bigger and higher.

Another important factor to consider is that William actually runs a very successful 7-figure, SEO agency. He isn’t someone that is happy to spiel out tons of ideas and profess them to be the way forward if he hasn’t put the idea into practice first and seen it produce results. So this means that you can trust whatever he has suggested has already shown results for him and his clients.

He breaks everything down into simple to follow steps that follow his proven and tested methods. He suggests that you stop listening to every new SEO “guru” that comes along. Pick a handful of guys you are comfortable with, that walk the walk as well as talk the talk, and focus on them.

Moving from guru to guru can mean that you are perpetually going off in new directions, undoing what you’ve been doing, to head off down a new path. That doesn’t make sense.

William also suggests that you do your own testing too. If you adopt his philosophy of only putting into practice on client sites what you’ve already proven for yourself, you won’t go far wrong.

You not only see the results for yourself this way, but you also experience what needs doing to make it work, first-hand. Valuable hands-on experience that makes sure you truly understand how it works before using it on a client site or money site of your own.

William’s Passion For Helping People

William has a real passion for helping people succeed that you don’t often see in the world of SEO. Too many people don’t actually do what they preach which means that they are unable to give real practical advice for the real world.

If you are going to follow an SEO forum for example, then William feels that is only right that you actually add value to the conversations, offering usable practical advice rather than angling to make a buck out of every opportunity.

William Jones SEO
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When asked what website owners should focus on, William didn’t hesitate. Your hook, story, offer. Your calls to action should be clear and consistent. You need to make it very clear why your visitors should be working with you as opposed to any of the hundreds of competitors that you have. Establishing your won Unique Selling Point (USP) will not help you stand out from the crowd but will also mean that you won’t be selling on price, but rather on value-added.

Concentrate on direct marketing, that is getting their email once they are on your website so that you can continue marketing to them.

Try and get their email address, their phone number, and their address. If you can only get one then make sure that is their email address.

Another hot tip from William is to take a look at your competitors. Find their strengths and weaknesses. Then find a way to include and improve on their strengths and find a way to fix your weaknesses. Do this and you will be giving Google what they already have shown they reward.

William’s Hot Tips

When asked what makes a great website, William replied:

William Jones SEO
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“What makes a great website is not what most people think. It’s not all the bells and whistles, it’s whether or not it is set up to get your potential visitors to give you their info and contact you, and to generate leads for your business. If it is not doing this then the website is no good. It can look like a million-dollar mansion but without the keys to it then it’s worthless.”

William Jones is someone that is well-respected in the SEO world. He regularly works together with names such as Holly Stark, Mike Merlino, Brent Bowser, Chris Palmer and is one of the “good guys”.

William has many packages to cover whatever you need and is currently promoting a collection of SEO courses to guide you from the ground up!


GMB PRO BUNDLE is a collection of all William’s previous and current courses and classes. He is constantly updating processes and testing new stacks and hacks when it comes to GMB. Unlike most others out there, William teaches you all the secrets behind all the smoke and mirrors that those SEO magicians keep for themselves.

This would be a great way to get an insight into how William Jones could help you with all things SEO.

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