Matt Diggity – Cubicle Worker To SEO Super Star

As he has admitted, Matt Diggity has been an “SEO Guinea Pig” since 2009. Since then, Matt has become a highly regarded SEO expert whose opinions and views are highly sought-after.

Matt was a student at the University of California, San Diego and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree and then a Master’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering in 2012 and 2014.

Matt has declared himself an ardent travel addict. He was born and raised within the United States and lived there for a long time however, as soon as it was possible to purchase a one-way ticket to Asia and the world at large, he was gone. While he respects his ties to the USA, he was born to travel.

Matt Diggity SEO
Matt Diggity - Cubicle Worker To SEO Super Star 5

Born To Travel

Presently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, Matt has also spent some time living in Costa Rica, Japan, and Bali. He has traveled to more than 50 countries all over the world, but he usually prefers to stay in Asia because this is the place where he is more at ease and is able to better connect with the local culture. Even though Chiang Mai may seem an odd place to live, it provides an extremely relaxed life. For that same reason, some of the top digital marketers have also settled in the Chiang Mai area. There’s an enormous group of people who are making a killing on the internet, and that makes it an extremely stimulating environment to live and work within for Matt.

Matt is focused on achieving a balance between work and social activities. He is surrounded by a large group of friends, including other nomads. As you can imagine, with his constant travel and being away from his loved ones, he’s found himself creating an entirely new family along the journey.

Matt is also a keen follower of yoga and meditation which is one of the factors that attracted Matt to Thailand. Matt is known to do yoga for at least one hour each day without fail. This could help to explain his calm personality and an aura of being in control of things that he exudes.

Matt Diggity the entrepreneur is widely known as an online marketing ‘guru’ who specializes in SEO for search engines. As with many search engine professionals, Diggity began his career as an affiliate marketer. He was able to study and experiment with SEO strategies in order to rank his websites in his chosen niches. He reverse-engineered the already successful sites to find out what he had to do to outrank them. An approach he still follows today.

Expanding His Business Interests

As time passed, Diggity expanded his business and added the following to his business portfolio: A personal blog in which Matt posts SEO tips and marketing content
Authority Builders – A guest blog on the marketplace
The Search Initiative – An SEO agency and affiliate partnership program
Affiliate Lab Affiliate Lab – The course teaches you how you can replicate the success of his affiliate marketing

Matt Diggity is one of the most trustworthy people, completely authentic. He’s been working in digital marketing for well over 10 years and there isn’t one negative word about the man. This, in a world rife with unscrupulous individuals, is a remarkable accomplishment in and of itself.

A lot of Matt Diggity’s followers are recommended by their friends, and that just wouldn’t happen if your reputation wasn’t squeaky clean. Matt’s blog is filled with a wealth of information that is practical and unique. You can apply the lessons he provides and know you will get results.

Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab Course

The Affiliate Lab course is a collection of guides and methods that are based on the information he has studied and then put together into a step-by-step blueprint. This is the only training that you’ll need for ranking, earning from, and then selling on affiliate websites, and is backed by ongoing updates and support in Facebook groups.

Matt Diggity SEO
Matt Diggity - Cubicle Worker To SEO Super Star 6

Many students have made money from their websites built using the course. If you’re a novice with no experience or an experienced SEO expert, the course will be an important step toward increasing your income, more freedom, and greater control in your daily life.

Matt’s work and passion is SEO. Matt is a full-time SEO Optimization specialist. Contrary to many gurus who simply instruct, Matt earns his income through SEO-related ventures, which include affiliate marketing, ranking of clients and lead generation, in addition to SEO training and services.

The passive income system provided by affiliate marketing has allowed Matt to create the life that he’s always wanted, living the life of the digital nomad. Matt began his journey by getting involved in affiliate marketing as a way to earn income. He realized that he needed to rank his websites well for any kind of affiliate income, and thus he began to reverse engineer the most successful websites in his field and learn SEO.

On the back of his successes and failures, the Affiliate Lab was born.

Matt’s SEO Journey

Originally out of necessity or even desperation, Matt made the decision to find out how he could earn passive income via affiliate SEO. In the beginning, Matt believed that you could make just a few hundred dollars each month, but after he realized that 5, 4, and 6-figure websites were possible, he went all in.

The journey wasn’t always simple. Matt wasn’t able to count the number of thousands of dollars he spent trying various SEO strategies which didn’t really work. And that doesn’t even factor in how many hours or days were spent doing all that work.

Then catastrophe struck. Matt’s sites were penalized. At some point, all of his sites were hit, and the 5-figure monthly income that he had worked so hard to earn disappeared in just a few hours. He was left in shock.

At this point, Matt made the decision to take matters into his own hands. When everything went south, he had to decide between abandoning SEO and resuming normal, commuter life or going back to the beginning and start again.

He decided to give it another go but this time wanted to do it his own way. As an engineer, he knew he could improve on the process. From that point onward he would try every ranking technique he came across, testing before applying them to his sites.

H built hundreds of test websites on which he would use various SEO techniques and let Google decide the things it was looking for in order to rank the site. This pragmatic approach started to pay dividends.

Matt was now seeing steady and quick results and was not being hit by Google. He grew his understanding of the testing process and began to develop new methods that weren’t in use before.

He could now compete in the top affiliate niches online. Have you heard of Garcinia Cambogia? He was on page 1.

When he saw the test results giving the exact information he required in order to get his websites to the top, SEO was a breeze.

Website Flipping  Epiphany

Matt Diggity SEO
Matt Diggity - Cubicle Worker To SEO Super Star 7

Then he discovered site flipping. Knowing that you can sell affiliate websites up to 32-40x their monthly earnings, changed the game again for him. A website that earns $10,000 per month can be sold for $350,000. This is when his earnings began to take a major turn towards the positive.

Through selling websites he could move three years in the future and then collect all the cash upfront. If he did that, he could then make use of a small amount of that money to develop additional websites.

Do you realize how quickly this can accumulate? it is quite amazing that this is possible in the present day and shows the rewards for a patient and analytical approach.

Since Matt discovered his freedom, thanks to SEO and affiliate marketing he has never looked back. He is a regular participant in Facebook groups and created an annual SEO event because he wanted to share this with people to be able to experience the same success.

Next, he decided to design an online course that was capable of teaching people the same techniques to improve rankings and flip affiliate sites with the tested-based strategies he had been using. He set out to design an SEO course for affiliates and this is how The Affiliate Lab came about.

It’s a fact that SEO can be difficult. You probably wouldn’t be reading this if you had nailed it yourself already. We’ve all had our share of frustrations, too. Websites that won’t rank. Spending money on strategies that aren’t working.

This isn’t your fault. The problem is that the SEO information on the internet is contaminated by recycled, watered-down information from those who aren’t making a living through SEO.

However, with a well-tested blueprint built on test results from real tests, SEO starts to make some sense. This is what SEO is all about if you take the scientific approach. Systems and blueprints that you can repeat and get consistent results.

Matt Diggity SEO
Matt Diggity - Cubicle Worker To SEO Super Star 8

Matt Diggity’s Business Ventures

Diggity Marketing LLC
CEO and Founder
Dec 2014 – Present
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
– Award-winning SEO blog featuring test results, case studies, and data-backed SEO strategies
– 1-on-1 SEO consultation sessions
– Diggity Links ranking service

Authority Builders
Director and Founder
Nov 2017 – Present
Location: London, United Kingdom
White hat link building made easy and safe. Browse a database of over 5000 real websites (growing 600+ per month) with real traffic, ready to link to you.

The Search Initiative
Mar 2017 – Present
Location: London, United Kingdom
An SEO agency staffed by a hand-picked team of best-in-class SEOs. Offering white labeling and done for you SEO services.

LeadSpring LLC
CEO and Founder
Dec 2015 – Present
Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand
JV Platform for affiliate SEO website ventures. Partner with LeadSpring to increase your site rankings and conversions.

Chiang Mai SEO Conference
Nov 2017 – Present
Location: Chiang Mai

Dec 2019 – Present

Manager, Strategic Initiatives
Oct 2005 – Nov 2012
Location: Greater San Diego Area
– Collaborate with customers, sales, and R&D to develop power, noise, and reliability solutions for clients.
– Meet with ASIC vendors and System houses to cultivate synergistic relationships with the goal of designing advanced and reliable ICs.
– Coordinator of customer user-group meetings and activities
– Development of sales, educational, and marketing material
– Education leader on deep sub-micron reliability and verification
– Technology expert for the Chip-Package-System co-design products

Microsemi Corporation
Mixed Signal EDA Engineer
Jun 2001 – Oct 2005
Location: Greater San Diego Area
– Credited for eight digital implementation tape-outs from RTL to GDS, each successful on the first silicon
– Developed company-wide design flows through numerous tool evaluations and integration testing
– Given presentations to designers on topics including industry standards, new concepts, and conference highlights
– Company contact to vendor account managers and application engineers

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