Understanding The Work Of A Dermatologist

If you’re planning to go to a dermatologist, it’s good to know how they work and how they can help you with your concerns. Here are a few important things that you should know about them.

What Does A Dermatologist Do?

A Dermatologist is a doctor that treats and diagnoses health conditions that affect your skin, hair, and nails. They deal with health issues that can affect the delicate tissues on your mouth, nose, and eyelids.

Understanding The Work Of A Dermatologist 5

The work of a dermatologist can be divided into three:

  • Medical: This type of dermatologist treats and diagnose health conditions that can affect your skin like rosacea, acne, plaque psoriasis, and more.
  • Surgery: A dermatologist can also perform minor surgeries depending on the condition of the patients. They can remove moles and warts or they can perform skin biopsies as well.
  • Cosmetic: This is a dermatologist that treats skin problems that may affect your physical appearance. They can deal with dark spots, wrinkles, hair loss, acne, and other skin conditions.

Cosmetic Dermatologist

Understanding The Work Of A Dermatologist 6

Cosmetic dermatologists are the most popular among the three types. It’s because most people visit their clinics even if they don’t have any skin, hair, or nail problems. If they want to change something on their physical appearance, they can go to a cosmetic dermatologist to remove or alter it.

This type of dermatologist can correct your skin tone. This is a common problem, especially on your underarms. Many women visit a cosmetic dermatologist to whiten their underarms.

Part of their work is to deal with aging women. They can smooth wrinkles and tighten the skin, which are both cosmetic services that older women require. These professionals can also reduce surface fat and make you look slimmer.

When Do I Need Dermatologist?

Before you go to a dermatologist and get your skin or hair treated, you should first ask yourself if you really need one. You might have an acne breakout or you noticed that your hair is starting to fall in large volumes. If you want to know if you need to visit a dermatologist, here are a few things that you can consider.

If you have stubborn acne that is very hard to remove, it’s better to visit a dermatologist. They have the means to remove the acne and they can give you some advice to prevent it from coming back.

Rashes that won’t go away? It’s better to visit a dermatologist as soon as possible to prevent it from worsening. It might be a more serious problem than you think.

How Can A Dermatologist Help My Skin?

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Dermatologists are known to perform diagnostic procedures that are related to skin conditions. But, they offer other amazing services that would benefit you greatly, especially if you want to improve your physical appearance.

Dermatologists can help remove acne and skin blemishes. They will make sure that your face will stay smooth and clear. They also offer ultraviolet light therapy and a wide range of surgical procedures to help you stay beautiful.

They can provide externally-applied and injected medicines that can help with your skin problems. Remember that these professionals are fully trained and experienced similar to a general doctor and they will not perform any surgical procedures without a license.

If you want to keep your skin healthy and your face beautiful, dermatologists will be a big help.

How Does A Dermatologist Treat Acne?

Dermatologists use a unique way of treating acne. Some of you might say that it’s very simple, but this technique is extremely effective. Basically, these professionals will not conduct any minor surgery, unless it’s necessary.

When it comes to acne, the first treatment will be an antibiotic for the redness and swelling. The medicine that would be applied to your skin will reduce the bacteria and unclog your pores.

If that treatment doesn’t work for you, the dermatologist will switch to a different antibiotic. They usually give Isotretinoin, which is a medicine that attacks the main causes of acne – clogged pores, bacteria, inflammation, and excess oil. Most patients will already see a significant change after a few applications of this specific medicine.

How Do Dermatologists Remove Moles?

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Moles do not usually require any kind of treatment. Most dermatologist will not even remove them unless the patient is really insisting that they should do so. However, there are a few exceptions to this:

Dermatologists will remove the moles if it’s bothering you. If it’s rubbing against your clothing or it doesn’t look good, they will remove it for you.

There are also moles that are possible signs of cancerous cells. They check if the moles are cancerous and they will refer you to a doctor for treatment if they are.

Moles are not too hard to remove and you only need a single session. You just need to visit the clinic and ask for a schedule. Your dermatologist will be able to take care of you with ease.

How Much Does A Dermatologist Cost

This is a bit tricky because the cost of visiting a dermatologist would depend on several factors. On average, a typical visit with your dermatologist will cost around $150. This would include basic medical services and treatments. If you will require a more complicated treatment, the cost would go up.

There are instances where the dermatologist will also use certain medicines or treatments on your skin. You will have to pay for that as well. The cost of the service will also be more expensive in urban areas, especially if you’re in a big city.

The type of treatment will also dictate the cost of visiting a dermatologist. A simple treatment will cost $150, but it can go up to thousands of dollars for more complicated procedures, especially cosmetic surgery.

How Can I Find A Dermatologist In My Area

Finding a dermatologist in your area is not too difficult as long as you know where to look. The first thing that you need to do is to ask for referral from your friends or relatives. They might have visited a dermatologist in the past. You can ask them about this and look for the address of the clinic.

Next thing that you can do is to look for them on the Internet. It is very easy to find a dermatologist near you if you will search for them on Google or a premium business directory such as NearMe.Vip. The premium 5 star clinics are listed on NearMe.Vip so a simple search can give you a list of dermatology clinics in your area. It will include a description, an address and a contact number that you can call.


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